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Everybody's, mind and spirit is truly unique You deserve full attention!

my121yoga in Glasgow West End

A 121 private yoga class is the most effective way to learn Yoga as you get to focus just on you.

Take time out to change some old patterns into new healthy habits.

Focus on your body, breath and thoughts, fine tune each pose as they comprise of a complex sequence of minor movements, timed with a unique breathing pattern.

NEW in 2013 Yoga in Glasgow:

Offering tailor-made personal intensives in Yoga and self development
(3 days or 1 week options 2-4 hours a day).

Make YOURSELF a priority and take time out of your busy life.

My121yoga is the best way in which to begin your Yoga journey as well as staying current with your practise. Any aches pains and weaknesses can be addressed with my121yoga classes.

20 years of experience in the field of self-development:

Breath work

Integral for all lasting change is focus and breathing. Establish good breathing habits, learn and use techniques to increase focus or relax you when you need to recharge. Breathing is our most important detoxification processes for body, mind and emotions.

Mind - Body coaching anchor new habits

New manageable and realistic “plan of action” Fitness for life. A little gets you a long way- its all about core strength! Also sets you up on a home training program using body weight exercises, lose weight, tone up, feel good.

EFT Energy psychology, Emocode, Healing code, Bars (Access consciousness)

Tools to get under the skin and change old patterns, programs and shift the old stuff to make space for the new.

Reiki – Energy Therapy

Balances bodies energies, re-distributes energy accumulation to feed the depleted areas. Shifts the energies throughout body mind and soul, leaves you relaxed and relieved of discomfort, recharged and happy.

Healthy eating and Detox Programs myoneonone

I change information into personal and practical hands on NO Nonsense tips and tricks. No point in eating well, when absorption is all clogged up. Kick the sh** out of your system :-) I personally have tried them all and found the quickest, most effective and relatively comfortable ways to Detox.

Holistic Zen Body work

(on skin) Allow your knots and stress to melt with aroma therapy oils, Chinese cupping massage, Trigger point therapy, Thai yoga stretches. We allow to rewire the way you use your muscles to optimise support in your areas of tension.

Holistic yoga holidays and workshops

NEW in 2013 Yoga in Glasgow:

Offering tailor-made personal intensives in Yoga and self development ( 3 days or 1 week options 2-4 hours a day). Book a Yoga Holiday in Glasgow, combine it with the perfect city break in beautiful Schotland.

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